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You know the name! Now you get to hear how it started!

How did Bertapalooza start? Basically, I wanted throw myself a birthday party (because no one else would). 

"So I threw a small party in a back room of a restaurant, about 75 of my closest friends came. I had so much fun, that I wanted to do it again the following year! With a little more time and planning, 200 people came and it was a blast! So I kept the tradition going until one year 500-600 people were coming to my birthday party. I told myself "if I can get this many people together, I should be doing it to raise money for a cause that we believe in". And so started "BERTAPALOOZA - Save Second Base"!! We were donating the money to LIZ GOLDMAN for the Susan G. Koman foundation. For the next few years we had raised a good amount of money and putting large venues to capacity. It was a dream for me!! I couldn't believe that a selfishly thrown birthday party could turn into something that means so much to me but also helps people in need.

This year I decided I wanted to help the people of Duluth. This city has helped me become the person I am today and the hometown I care so deeply for, so I decided to join forces with Tracy Lundeen and THE BLUEBIRD FOUNDATION at Mont du Lac Resort. I really hope that everyone can come down and help me with this dream become an incredible reality! Thank you to everyone who donates, and comes to the park for the event! 


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